Hog Watch Manitoba Call to Action For A Just Green Recovery Post Covid19

Jun. 3, 2020 by

Smaller is smarter! Hog Watch Manitoba is calling for smaller slaughter plants and smaller hog farms to ensure ethical, environmental and economic sustainability.

The Manitoba Protein Advantage February 1, 2019 Consultation Comments by Ruth Pryzner Submitted on May 15, 2019

May. 21, 2019 by

The consultation document is short on details and long on rhetoric, particularly in relation to the claim that expansion of protein production being environmentally/ecologically viable, in the public interest and economically sustainable for farmers. The underlying premise of the goal

Watchdog group cries hogwash

Sep. 26, 2018 by

By: Chelsea Kemp Brandon Sun Posted: 09/26/2018 3:00 AM STRATHCLAIR — An agricultural watchdog group is calling for the Rural Municipality of Yellowhead’s elected officials to take action on what they allege is a hog farmer’s illegal expansion. These concerns

Bill 19 Threatens Local Control For Rural Communities

Apr. 30, 2018 by

Bill 19 is a series of changes to allow two hog processing corporations Maple Leaf and HyLife Foods, to increase their shareholder profits at the expense of rural homeowners, taxpayers, family farms, degraded air, environment, water quality and pig welfare.

Emerging Issues in Swine Welfare

Apr. 5, 2018 by

Hog Watch Manitoba is promoting a straw based housing system for the pigs which would allow them to fulfill their instinctual needs for rooting and nest building.

Letter to Mayor Bowman about Winnipeg’s Sewage Treatment

Mar. 26, 2018 by

Although the Lake Winnipeg watershed is massive and traverses 4 provinces as well as touching on 4 states, the city of Winnipeg is the single largest point source of phosphorus to Lake Winnipeg.

Suffocation of 1500 pigs another sign of perils of Industrial Style Hog Barns

Mar. 7, 2018 by

Hog Watch Manitoba has learned of a recent incident in which all of the 1500 pigs in one barn suffocated when the ventilation system failed.

Article: In Hogs We Trust – Part Three

Jan. 26, 2018 by

We all know that farm animals can get sick. But how many of us are aware of just how damaging animal epidemics can be – whether on the other side of the world or on our own doorstep? They can

Response to the Made-in-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan

Dec. 22, 2017 by

Hog Watch Manitoba is a coalition of farmers, environmentalists, animal welfare supporters and concerned members of the public who are promoting a sustainable hog industry in Manitoba. We appreciate the opportunity to offer feedback on the Made-in-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan.

Intensive Livestock Operations; and the Industrializing of Rural America

Oct. 3, 2017 by

Intensive Livestock Operations; and the Industrializing of Rural America[i] by John Ikerd[ii]   Growing public concerns about environmental and public health risks are challenging the legitimacy of large-scale, industrial livestock feeding operations—called ILOs in Canada and CAFOs in the U.S.