Intensive Hog Production and Future Pandemics

image of a sow's face looking through bars of gestations stall

Epidemiologist, Rob Wallace, and virologist, Angela Rasmussen, are warning us that the intensive raising of agricultural animals for food will likely cause the next pandemic because these industrial barns are like virus factories. Raising thousands of animals in close confinement with each other, in completely unnatural indoor settings, causes them to be highly stressed and […]

Plumas Group & Hog Watch Outraged at $2.2 million Subsidy to Topigs Norsvin

Hog Watch Manitoba and Plumas group Decries Government Subsidies to Topigs Norsvin $2.2 million to Foreign Company Ignoring Community Concerns and Opposition Winnipeg (December 2, 2021) – Hog Watch Manitoba shares the anger and frustration felt by many Plumas area residents who fought the approval of two large hog facilities in their municipality this past […]

Hylife Foods Slaughterhouse Quietly Fined for Cruelty to Pigs

Read the full article on the Animal Justice website: Read the prosecution bulletin on the Government of Canada website:

The Manitoba Protein Advantage February 1, 2019 Consultation Comments by Ruth Pryzner Submitted on May 15, 2019

Pigs in pens in industrial barn

The consultation document is short on details and long on rhetoric, particularly in relation to the claim that expansion of protein production being environmentally/ecologically viable, in the public interest and economically sustainable for farmers. The underlying premise of the goal for Manitoba to become the “preferred protein provider in North America” and increase meat protein […]

Watchdog group cries hogwash

By: Chelsea Kemp Brandon Sun Posted: 09/26/2018 3:00 AM STRATHCLAIR — An agricultural watchdog group is calling for the Rural Municipality of Yellowhead’s elected officials to take action on what they allege is a hog farmer’s illegal expansion. These concerns surround an existing hog barn in the municipality owned by farmer Wim Verbruggen, who Hog Watch […]

Bill 19 Threatens Local Control For Rural Communities

Bill 19 is a series of changes to allow two hog processing corporations Maple Leaf and HyLife Foods, to increase their shareholder profits at the expense of rural homeowners, taxpayers, family farms, degraded air, environment, water quality and pig welfare.

Emerging Issues in Swine Welfare

Hog Watch Manitoba is promoting a straw based housing system for the pigs which would allow them to fulfill their instinctual needs for rooting and nest building.