What does Hog Watch Manitoba support?

We support alternative housing systems for pigs that includes group housing for breeding sows and straw-based housing for all pigs.

We are calling for the phase-out, over the next decade, of all liquid manure systems. In the interim all liquid manure operations should immediately take the following steps:

1) have groundwater monitoring wells installed

2) treat the liquid waste through environmentally acceptable processes to kill off unwanted pathogens

3) phase out the use of sub-therapeutic antibiotics


We support the family farm and feel that the true family farm is one in which the family are engaged in the day to day labour and management of the farm and reside on the property.As a necessary component of promoting the family farm, we are calling for the reinstatement of single desk selling of hogs which provides equity, economic bargaining power and price transparency.

We feel that no corporation should be allowed to acquire an interest in land for the purposes of farming exept for a family farm corporation.

We believe that all workers, including agricultural workers, should be protected by labour legislation such as the Employment Standards Code.