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Measuring Noxious Gases from Hog Barns and Lagoons

One of the most common complaints from residents living near industrial-style hog barns that are using the liquid manure systems, is the sickening odour sometimes emanating from both the barn and the lagoon.

Toxic gases including methane, hydrogen sulphide and ammonia are the cause of the odour. In certain concentrations these gases pose health threats to humans and animals.

Hog Watch Manitoba has purchased two hand-held measuring devices described below:

The Acrulog measures Hydrogen Sulfide in PPB, parts per billion.

The GX 6000 measures Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulfide and Methane in PPM, parts per million and volatile organic gases in PPB (acetaldehyde).

If you are interested in measuring gases from barns or lagoons near you, please contact HWM at hogwatchmanitoba@gmail.com and we will have a representative contact you.