3-part webinar series by Hogwatch Manitoba

Recorded on April 14, 21 & 28, 2021

April 14, 7 pm:
Antibiotic Resistance

The human health crisis of antibiotic resistance.
What’s the hog industry’s role?

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Video contents:

  1. Preamble 0:00
  2. Introduction 00:18:09
  3. Dr. Jan Hajek – Infectious Disease Specialist 00:19:34
  4. Lynn Kavanagh – World Animal Protection – 00:41:24
  5. Question and Answer – 01:02:40

Presentation by Dr. Jan Hajek (PDF)
Presentation by Lynn Kavanagh (PPT)

Dr. Jan Hajek is an infectious diseases specialist at Vancouver General Hospital and a clinical assistant professor at University of British Columbia. In 2014 he worked with WHO in West Africa to respond to the Ebola outbreak and this year has been working on the COVID ward at VGH. He will speak about the serious health implications of antibiotic resistance. Approximately 700,000 people die worldwide from infections that cannot be treated by antibiotics. By 2050, this is expected to rise to 10,000,000 people each year. 

Lynn Kavanagh, World Animal Protection, Farming Campaign Manager will talk about the contribution of industrial animal agriculture to the antibiotic resistance problem, why and how antibiotics are used in farming and what can be done to change this. 


April 21, 7 pm:
Living Near Factory Hog Barns

Impacts of noxious odours and water contamination.
What can be done?

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Video contents:

  1. Preamble 0:00
  2. Introduction – 00:14:21
  3. Janine Gibson – Organic Verification Officer – 00:19:28
  4. Bill Massey – Retired School Principal and Family Farmer – 00:35:30
  5. Brent Bjorklund – Retired Banker and Hog Barn Neighbour – 00:48:54
  6. Andres Zinn – Family Farmer – 1:00:25
  7. Question and Answer – 01:18:19

Andreas Zinn video recording
Of Pork and Potatoes – A memoir by Bill Massey

Of Pork and Potatoes

Janine Gibson, Organic Inspector, will provide insights into her own experience living close to factory hog barns. 

Brent Bjorklund will describe how his dream retirement home in rural Manitoba turned into a nightmare.  

Bill Massey, retired school principal and family farmer, will talk about his  struggle against an illegal hog barn expansion in our community and his recently written book, Of Pork and Potatoes.

Andreas Zinn

Hear from Andreas Zinn of Zinn Family Farm, who raises pigs, chickens and rabbits in a more humane, sustainable manner – and works to provide healthy products and improve the environment by following regenerative agriculture principles.

April 28, 7 pm: Toxic Blue-Green Algae in Our Lakes

The industrial hog industry and the health of our lakes.
What’s the connection?

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Video contents:

  1. Preamble 0:00
  2. Introduction 00:07:30
  3. Vicki Burns – Save Lake Winnipeg Project – 00:09:17
  4. Elders Faylene and Floyd Sutherland Water Protectors Peguis community – 00:29:25
  5. Gordon Campbell – Long time cottager and founder of The Coalition to Save Lake Winnipeg 00:48:00
  6. Question and Answer – 00:55:21

Vicki Burns, Save Lake Winnipeg Project, talks about the history of hog industry expansion in Manitoba and the concurrent explosion of blue-green algae in Lake Winnipeg and other prairie lakes

Gordon Campbell, a cottage owner on Lake Winnipeg, talks about changes in water quality he has witnessed in over his 63 years on the lake.

Elder Faylene Sutherland

Elder Faylene M Sutherland, Keewatio Benisi / North Thunderbird, Star Woman, Old Woman Mallard Duck, White Buffalo Spirit Woman, Turtle Can, Woman Warrior. I carry the responsibility of taking care of our Mother the Earth. I am a water protector. This a very important role and responsibility for all mankind.