What is Bill 24?

In the spring of 2017, the Conservative government brought forward the The Red Tape Reduction and Government Efficiency Act, 2017 (Bill 24). This omnibus bill will amend many pieces of legislation including repealing Sections 40.1, 40.2 of The Environment Act, which calls for environmentally sound treatment technologies of manure that is similar to or better than anaerobic digestion.

  • Bill 24 removes a long-standing moratorium our previous NDP government had in place that prevented the expansion of manure storage facilities for hog operations.
  • It also removes a legislative ban that was put in place to prevent the winter spreading of manure on agricultural fields. When manure is spread in the winter, it is far more likely to run off the fields during the spring melt and into our waterways.  The government says it is keeping this ban in place under existing regulations, but any regulation can be changed at a meeting of Cabinet without the public even knowing about it until afterwards. If they support a ban on winter spreading, why remove it from legislation?
Combined, all these changes are designed to increase construction of more factory hog barns that will be detrimental to the environment rather than encouraging development of environmentally, ethically and economically sustainable hog farms.

You can make your concerns heard by:

  • Making a presentation of maximum 10 minutes , to the legislative committee that will review Bill 24. Register through the Legislative Clerk’s Office at (204) 945-3636. The hearings are expected to commence mid- October. Alternately a written submission may be sent in.
  • Contact your MLA to express concerns about Bill 24